Final Year Project-First Entry

This week marks the commencement of our entrepreneur module that has been added to our module list with the aim of aligning our final year projects with this module. It is week four, we have been given a week to think of an initial business idea within our realistic technical capabilities. From this idea our final goal will consist of a fully documented business plan clearly representing our objective, scope, research, financial forecasts, technical & functional requirements. This business plan will inevitably be used for our final year business case. I have briefly looked at the idea guidelines and expected submission dates. I felt the ideas guideline were very useful but especially useful for students struggling to consolidate their own idea. I also looked briefly at Renatt’s  functional spec as it was the area I was least comfortable with. This area would be the section I would like to prioritize as our particular modules may have only touched on some applications/technologies needed to successfully represent our functional spec. To summarize our task for this week, it is to:

  • Determine a business idea
  • Using the business canvas model, represent our business idea
  • Plan to present this work and acquire feedback.BusModelCanvas

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