champions league Barca vs Celtic

The champions league is the cup that seperates the top class teams from average teams, it takes the best teams from the english, german,french,spainsh leagues along with other qualifying teams from various leagues. As everyone knows Barcelona is the one of the best or the best team in the world and they came up against Celtic,the Scotish league champions. The game was spectacular, i was on the edge of my seat the whole game while cheering for celtic. After constant attacks from Barcelona’s  talented forwards it seemed certain it was only a matter of time until the scored but quite the opposite as celtic scored to take the lead and soon after to seal the deal with another goal. neil lennon the celtic manager quoted it was a milestone he lived to achieve. The story spread very fast and to everyone in the world especially celtic fans it will be a day they never forget.


“Get Social” BLOG POST 2

Get Social consisted of many lecturers which sent out a clear message that businesses that use social media are quite successful as everyday more and more viral ads are being used to advertise their company or product. Simply making a facebook or twitter page could help your advertising dramatically and of course its free as its sent all across the web instead of paying an advertising company to do it.                                                 Dr theo Lynn was the first of out speakers and he greatly expressed the use of viral ads as he displayed the video gangnam style by psy, an artist from south Korea who gained millions of views from this one video. With the huge amount of views that psy got he started making money off these websites.Then we quickly moved onto the another topic which was the trust-barometer, this represented the trust of all the people in a certain country to a specific area such as media, business,  NGO’s and the government. Every year their seems to be a slight increase in the trusting of media and NGO’s on behalf of the media you could say its due to the advertisement, news and mostly because the world of today is largely social media based. On behalf of the NGO’s it could be down to the resentment of the government as they are not trusted at all but also the don’t seem to seek benefits in-comparison to a government. In our world today brands have a strong hold on society, shoppers would simply buy a branded product because its an expensive brand and this is the same in everything through society especially with Alcohol, food, technology and clothing. The media displays all these things as perfect or simply better than other products, they reinforce this idea through the radio, Internet and newspapers and with this multiple   repetition it easily affects the decisions people make.                                                                                         Then we had a speaker from ” storyful”, claire Wardle discussed what storyful does and what it represents to society. She too put across the message to use media groups to help your work. But their was a right way and a wrong way, with some jobs you need to keep your social life at home but with others it sometimes could help your work as the customers feel relaxed and don’t feel awkward. Understanding the concept of keeping multiple personalities for your work is crucial and if you can do this then it can help your work substantially. This too could be said for twitter, the huge publicity that people, celebrities, artists, brands get from simply re-tweeting a post or a picture, because with 570,000 active users there is always someone that sees your tweet which could involve your business or even your social life which some people do like to see which would make them interested in your line of work. We then moved onto a local Irish business, Electric Ireland. they too aimed to use social media to expand their own business and to gain a better understanding of how media affects business. They used to create a chat room, a forum with all relevant questions so everyone could simply log onto these websites to check if their was a solution to their problem. This would boost the popularity of the business as it saves people from having to ring up which is ideal for some people. A great idea they created was the tweet cafe, it allowed people to come in and get free food or drinks from a container in a cafe and all you had to do was simply tweet. This worked very well as it boosted the followers but it also gave them a lot of information on how social media can be so efficient. In my own opinion the lecturer Eric Weaver was very effective as he showed the realistic use of social media for businesses, he showed a how simply one tweet can ruin a business, even businesses as big as American Airlines as they suffered dramatically from a tweet and had to join another airline firm. He displayed another problem with social media in relation to work which was touched on earlier in the conference which was to have a multiple personality separating working and your lifestyle, in this case a man tweeted from his work place and had a video showing the restaurant while mocking another restaurant, as a result of this social media incident the employees were fired, this truly showed realistically how it social media can be used wrong. But as most people know the world of business is changing and new marketing ideas are needed but are very hard to actually create. New innovating ideas are crucial for the expanding of companies especially social media based companies, Brian Herran, the lecturer from google did to express the fact that new innovating ideas are needed but also needed to simply get recognized for jobs in these areas of work.