On the 12th of February 2013, we attended our first mini conference of semester two. It was based on entrepreneurship, both social and corporate, and we were treated to a vibrant array of speakers from both areas. The conference took its usual start with Theo Lynn giving an exciting and interesting introduction to the basis of entrepreneurship then introducing us to Sean Coughlan, co-founder and CEO of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. Sean acted as MC for the remainder of the conference as he had an obvious link to the conference.

The first speaker if the day was Michael Kelly, founder of GIY – Grow it Yourself Ireland.In 2012, GIY exported nine billion worth of food. In certain foods, we import the same amount as we export. Michael Kelly decided to start this business after noticing that many products among the aisles of the supermarket where imported. We import five billion euro worth of food, three billion of which we could grow ourselves. The solution was obvious in his eyes but not so to others… grow it yourself and save the money. It was interesting and honourable to see that Michael had a huge amount of experience in the IT sector and management where he clearly made a lot more money but chose to help the economy change for the better even if it meant a drastic change to his lifestyle


The next speaker George Boyle, founder of fumbally exchange was very insightful in my own opinion because of the simple steps that could be introduced to business whilst making it as a social entrepreneur. Fumbally Exchange is a community of design-focused small businesses and start-ups. there aim is to create an atmosphere for creative and regenerative growth in a time of great challenges which will adapt and prosper in the future even with growing challenges.


These steps consisted of catholic themes

  • Impulse – trust yourself, don’t over think, just do
  • Freedom – launch yourself into the deep with enthusiasm
  • Guilt – competition & difference,
  • Personal responsibility – realise where and how you can create your own destiny
  • Forgiveness – work, mistakes are not punishment
  • Permission 
  • Style

The next speaker who completely grabbed my attention was Lucy Masterson from Hireland. Hireland is an unemployment initiative based on the idea of trying to convince firmsto take on just one extra person to help combat unemployment. Lucy spoke about how she got the message of Hireland out there.  Lucy enthusiastically spoke about getting your idea out there.

  • 1. Marketing– in order to market something successfully you must tell a story that can spread and connect.
  • 2. Keep it simple! – Hireland set an achievable goal of hiring one person to kickstart recovery.
  • 3. Break the rules– be unconventional.
  • 4. Start a movement– the hire one movement is a global idea on the rise that Hireland is spearheading.
  •  5. Embrace evolving technology
  • 6. Hello So Lo Mo – Social, Local, Mobile
  •  7. Be bold – fortune favours the bold.

In my own opinion Lucy spread the word of Hireland and connected with the audience in the Helix that day, as I believed in its aim to kickstart the economy but also the fact that 1 simple job in multiple areas not could but evidently can  add up to thousands of jobs being created without it affecting each individual company or work place.

The final speaker was Gerry Duffy who spoke primarily on motivation and what it can evidently achieve. His words and achievements were so powerful, he ran 32 marathons in 32 days which seems impossible to almost anyone but he believed he could do it and he kept going which is why I feel I connected with his story but also his advice on having the confidence within myself and persevering in the future if a social entrepreneur is on the cards…

shortly after he finished speaking he then told a story of a heroic man, father and human. Dick Hoyt, a father that completed an iron man competition while carrying his son the complete journey, It was truly a touching video that showed exactly how  hard work can achieve anything you want and that you can’t give up

  • link to Dick Hoyt video  : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUQeUsqQuVc

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