Final Year Project – Final Entry

This week we have started finalising our documents, we ran into teamwork issues again but we aim to overcome these problems. The only section that primarily remains to be done is the ending of our technical specification.

Since we have found a tech advisor we can trust, we aim to start testing and prototyping our app as soon as possible. In our final document, we have included a disclaimer, stating that we have outsourced as a means of collaborating with other DCU students.

The formatting of a document this size is taking a lot of time and patience, Luke enjoys this type fo work, therefore, he has agreed to do this section of the work.

Overall My experience has been up and down throughout the year, I believe this a critical aspect to finishing an IT related course. It gives students the option to believe in their research or to pursue an entrepreneurial future.

I would like to thank the faculty of the computing school of DCU for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to realise there are endless amounts of educational resources available to myself and to all students aiming to better themselves


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