Final Year Project – Fifth entry

This post will only be a short entry, entirely dedicated to the the investor pitch which was the most nerve-wracking piece of work since the start of this project. The pitch was to be as professional as possible, following a Dragons Den approach. Among the panel was our lecturer Markus, our supervisor Maria and two others. Our aim was to showcase the idea in simple and clear manner in 10 minutes. We prepared a poster to represent the breakdown of the team, financial and our market. Prior to this we planned the presentation, each introducing ourselves discussing our skills and experiences then moving onto sections of our pitch. Prior to this we received a lecture from Terrence Browne, who works with DCU Alpha who clearly expressed the importance of a team dynamic in start-ups therefore we adopted this approach in our investor pitch.

The feedback wasn’t as positive as we would of liked but we gratefully took on board what the panel had to say. The main questions which were raised include:

  • ┬áIs there a viable market vs current competition?
  • Security Issues
  • Idea motivation.

Other than these small issues, the feedback was still beneficial as our financials were better reformed and our business case was still on the right path, all we were told was to evaluate the idea again as it feels like we were still missing a particular something.

Below is an image of the poster we created and presented during the pitch.

Lucky Hour.pptx