Final Year Project – Seventh Entry

Throughout the next few weeks are team plan on evaluating our business plan further. We felt that were several improvements to be made in areas such as our market research, and financial projections. Luke prized himself of analysing our financial projections, therefore, he ensured the team this would be his responsibility. I am happy with this decision as I found working with a team of three has grown difficult. Deadlines, individual goals have been set but we plan to overcome these objections and deliver our intended app.

We have consistently spoken of taking our project and changing our priority roles to project managers, Ideally, to show we can bridge the gap between technical personnel and business personnel

To summarise, our individual work for this isn’t set but I have taken upon myself to research topics that may be useful to our team. I broke down the software specification page and realised several of the diagrams needed are diagrams I successfully created in the past. Therefore my individual goal is to create mock use case diagrams and logical database designs.


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